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Cricut Design Space Flower Greeting Card Design

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Today, I have a guest post by Ava! She's been watching me use my Cricut machine and came up with a pretty nice card design. I transferred her design to the Cricut Design Space app and this was the result! Here is Ava's project in her own words:

"Hi! My name is Ava. Today, I will be talking about my Mom's CricutMaker machine. It could make cards and boxes. This time I made a design on paper. First, I drew it. I named the card, Flower Card. I made this design up by looking at my Mom's other Cricut machine cards. But instead I put a flower in the middle. I chose the colors because I thought they looked pretty together. And my Mom thought if you put leaves on the flower, it will look prettier. And it did! And it has 3 folds."

Like some of my other projects, this design is super simple and requires minimal card stock to make it look elegant. The 2 card stocks are overlapped at the ends to create this look. The contrasting colors give it a little extra oompf! It was a bit tricky to clear the paper out of the little holes at the top but it added a nice touch in the end and worth it! UPDATE: I have removed the little holes because I originally used a free Cricut image that was changed to charge a small fee. To keep my designs free, I removed it. The design still looks nice without it. I have a new comment section below so please post your thoughts!

* I got the 3d flower design online elsewhere and it's not a part of my project link below. The card also looks nice by itself without a flower.

- 2 Any light card stock

* Please note that I get a small percentage of any purchases you make through the above links. If you make any purchases, I appreciate your support! It helps keep my site running.

When you click on my project link below, you will be taken to the Cricut page you see below. Simply click on the ‘Open’ button to get to my free project. Enjoy!

The darker card stock I used slides through a singular cut to hold it in place.

The card opened all of the way so you can see where the top tuck goes, it's similar to the bottom one where it goes through a thin and curved cutout. Since the inside color is dark, we used one of light glitter pens to write in it.

- Fold inwards on the scored side to make a clean fold.

- The narrower card stock is mainly in the inside.

- Textured card stock gives you the look you see in these photos.

- If you use a darker card stock in the inside, have some light colored pens available for your writing to be visible! It looks nice but does require special pens!

If you like this card, you may like some of my other card designs. Here are some my favorites! If you click on an image below, it will take you to the project's page. You can also go to my site menu, click on 'Cricut Designs' and then 'cards' to see all of them.

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