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Cricut Design Space Heart Goodie Bag Design Template

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Cricut Design Space Goodie Bag
Cricut Valentines Day Goodie Bag!

I made these Valentine’s Day gift bags which will be perfect for a little Valentine’s Day party or gift for friends. I had Valentine’s Day in mind when I made them but it could be used for other events or holidays like birthdays, anniversaries, as well. It’s very common for children in extracurriculars like dance, girl or boy scouts, or soccer, to gift Valentines to their friends so this would be great for that too. Valentine’s Day, like Halloween, can be a holiday with a lot of sugary treats so you can put other types of items inside so that it’s more healthy. Pencils, stickers, small notebooks, easers, pencil sharpeners, and markers are all great items that can fit easily in this bag. Or maybe even healthy home baked treats!

This design requires a scoring tool that’s sold separately from the Cricut machine. Almost all of my designs have scoring so I think it’s definitely worth the purchase! To keep the goodie bag closed, I created a top flap that you can neatly tuck in. The sides have a center score all the way down but you don’t need to crease it all the way. You also don't need to crease the angled scores on the sides as you'll notice in the side view photo posted further below.

The design can be easily resized. I made it so it will fit in a 12x12 sheet but if you need to make it bigger or smaller, you can easily do that but selecting it and using the double sided arrow on the bottom right. When you make this, the machine will say that you need a 12x24 inch mat but you don't need the extra large mat. I just hit 'ok' and was able to cut it fine on my 12x12 mat. It looks like Cricut slightly overestimates the size.

- 2 Light card stock (one for bag and the other for the heart).

- Glue

* Please note that I get a small percentage of any purchases you make through the above links. If you make any purchases, I appreciate your support! It helps keep my site running.

Here is another photo of my goodie bag from the side:

Cricut Goodie Bag Side View
Valentine's Day Goodie Bag Side View

When you click on the below pink link, you may see the below screen, click open to go directly to my project if you're already signed in. There is no cost to using my design.

- Use textured light card stock for the look in my photo.

- It's easier to glue on the square backing for the heart cutout first before you start folding the bag.

- Fold inwards on the scored side to make a clean fold.

- Quality of paper makes a big difference! If the inside of your card stock tears at the folds then it's not as high quality paper. I like the type paper that is textured, it gives it an elegant look.

If you like my Valentine's Day goodie bag, you may like some of my other projects. For all of my Valentine's Day projects, you can go to my site menu, click on 'Cricut Designs' and then 'Valentine's Day'. Clicking on a below image will take you to the project page.

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