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Cricut Design Space Lunar New Year Red Envelope Design

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

2021 Update: I have some new ox, or cow, and cherry blossom themed red envelopes this year, see links below at the bottom of the post! Or you can go to my menu, select 'Cricut Designs' and then 'Chinese New Year'.

The holidays really flew by! Whew! I hope everyone had a great New Year! There is one more New Year coming up though and it's the Lunar, Chinese, Vietnamese New Year! This year is the year of the mouse. Traditionally, the mouse symbolizes culture and vitality. I always look forward to the lunar new year because it is a time for gathering and it coincides with cherry blossoms! There are cherry blossoms everywhere where I live so I take my camera out a lot during this time.

I have many memories of getting these envelopes from family and friends but I also remember getting these red envelopes in school! Teachers and staff would put a gold chocolate coin or dollar in it. It was the best feeling as a kid to get a thoughtful gift like this and see your cultured represented by the people you see every day. Aren't teachers the best? So if you are a teacher looking for a design you can make for your students quickly for Chinese New Year, this would be a great addition! If you're not a teacher, these can be gifted to friends and family!

The below design is an outline cutout and require a 2nd cardstock to be placed in the inside. In the example below, I used gold for my 2nd cardstock. I like to use cutouts in my design because it's simple, fast, and looks really good. What also looks great is the design stickered on. I don't usually have as much sticker stock on hand though which is why I like to do cutouts.

Cricut Design Space Lunar New Year Red Envelope Design
Cricut Design Space Lunar New Year Red Envelope Design

- Elmers or craft Glue.

- You can use any Light Card Stock for the envelope part, I like the textured kind of paper. It makes a really big difference on what paper you use. High quality paper will make this project look stunning!

- Any gold stock for the backing in the inside of the envelope (it's a rectangle cutout glued inside the envelope).

- 4 red envelopes can be made with 1 12 x 12 sheet.

* Affiliate links above. I receive a small percentage of any purchases made through the links. I appreciate any support and it will help keep my site running.

Once you click on the link below pink button to use my design, you will see the below page, simply click on open and you will be taken to the project if you're already logged in. The project is free so you can start making it right away.

- Remember to use light card stock for the envelope part.

- Fold inwards on the scored side. This will allow you to make a clean fold. This means the outside of the envelope should be facing down when you are placing it on the mat.

- Remove stuck cutouts (if any) after cutting. Although I made my design so that the cutouts are big enough to not require weeding, sometimes you might find 1 or 2 that haven’t fall out. Check for this before you glue the backing because it’s easier to poke it out beforehand.

- Don’t use hot glue on the gold backing part. I did this initially and it created a slight gap between the red and gold paper and I thought it didn’t look as nice.

- Use glue very sparingly. I tried Elmer’s glue next and used way too much initially. It oozed out into the cutout part of the design and warped the paper.

- Fold envelope after glue dries completely. Allow for enough time for the glue to dry BEFORE folding the envelope. I got a little excited and did it early a few times and the gold backing popped off!

If you like this red envelope design, you might like my other Chinese New Year designs. Clicking on an image below will take you to the project's page. You can also go to my site menu and click on 'Cricut Designs' and then 'Chinese New Year'.


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