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Party Hat Design

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

This post is about making a party hat using a design I made. I've used it for birthday and New Years parties but it can be customized for any party really. For New Years, I just added the year (scroll right in the image above to see it). I am sharing the link to the project on the Cricut Design Space site and an SVG file that you can use for a Silhouette or other machine. It took me a while, but I have figured out how to make designs and share it with my friends and others for no cost on Cricut Design Space. I didn't see the point of sharing my projects on design space with my friends if they had to pay for it! So after many trials and errors, I found a way to do it so you all can enjoy these projects without having to pay for them. All of my designs can be accessed through the links on my blog and you can get started making them instantly.

What you need to get started is a Cricut machine, Silhouette, or any cutting machine. I have the CricutMaker model. I also have the Cricut scoring pen tool that I purchased separately. I really love see the perfect creases it makes, I guess I might have slight perfectionist tendencies! It makes it so much easier to fold my projects and it comes out perfect every time. So I really recommend getting it if you don't already have it. All of my designs are available on Cricut Design Space and I link to them from this blog. If you don't have a scoring tool, you can hide that part of the project, just click on the layer for scoring on the right side of your screen and then the eye to hide it and the machine will not require a scoring tool to make it. You can just manually fold that part of the hat after you cut it. See below screenshot with the eye crossed out (I circled it in red) for the 'score' layer on the right side to see what I'm referring to.

The 2nd most important thing to consider when making any of my projects is the paper you use. It makes a huge difference what type of paper you use! If you use nice, high quality, paper, your projects will look nicer. I like the paper that is textured, it gives off an elegant vibe. I take detailed, close up, of my projects so if you zoom in, you'll notice the type of paper I use. You can also tell if your paper is of high quality when you fold it. If the fold causes the paper to tear on the outside and you can see the interior (usually white) of the paper, then the paper is probably not that high quality and your project many not look as good. Some projects require more sharp folds so this may be more important for those projects than others.

Making my projects doesn't take much time, most of them can be completed very quickly. I wanted to keep them simple but still look very nice. So if you're running late to a party and need a hat, no problemo! Just grab some paper and make a quick and stylish hat that can even match your outfit! You'll notice that most of my projects are made with neutral colors. This way, you can match with any color outfit or ribbon! I made 5 hats for my family 2 hours before midnight this past new year, it was quick and made our little party more festive!

You can fit 2 hats into one 12x12 cardstock. I cut 2 at a time and it looks like 2 would fit on one 12x12 sheet but the machine might prompt you to use 12x24 sheet. I didn't have a 12x24 mat or sheet and was able to cut it fine using just a 12x12 mat and sheet. My guess is the machine slightly overestimates the space needed.

If you like this party hat project, you might like my box designs. If you still need to gift a gift card or small trinket at the party you're wearing your hat to, they are perfect for it! See the bottom of this post for links to my gift box designs.

- Cutting machine, Cricut or Silhouette

- Any Light Card Stock. Thicker card stock like medium or poster card stock might get dent when you bend it into the cone shape.

- Glue

- Elastic Cord (I use one like this:

- Ribbon for the top of the hat (optional).

- Any 2nd card stock for gluing on the year (optional)

* The above links are affiliate links. I get a small percentage of any purchases you make when you click through. I appreciate it if you decide to purchase anything through them, it helps keep my site running.

I had a few questions on how big the hat is, it is 6 inches tall.

The below pink button will take you to Cricut's design space web site where you will immediately open the same project I use to create the hat design on my Cricut machine. You don't need to upload or download anything. You will first see the below page though. Click on the 'open' button to get to my project if you're already logged in.

For those of you that don't have a Cricutmaker and have a different machine like Silhouette or other machine, you can download this SVG file below in the zip file. I had to put it in a zip file because this site won't allow me to upload a file with an .SVG format. The SVG file can be uploaded to the software that you use for your cutting machine. There are a few parts to the SVG file: (1) the main cone shaped part of the hat (2) a fold for the glue part and (3) 2 small circle cutouts for the string. Depending on your machine, you may need to make sure the fold part is not set to 'cut' and is instead set to 'score'. If your machine does not have a scoring tool, you will have to either hide or delete the score part, or layer, of the project. Also, when testing the SVG file on my Cricut machine, I noticed I had to select all the layers of the project and click 'attach' so that the machine recognizes it as a project to be cut and scored on 1 sheet and not multiple sheets.

Party Hat SVG file:

Download ZIP • 1KB

Here are some of my favorite box designs. I give gift cards frequently so that's what I put mostly in these. But I can imagine you can use them for a bracelet, necklace, keychain, or other small gifts! Clicking on an image below will take you to the project's page. You can also go to my site menu, click on 'Cricut Design's and click on 'boxes' if you want to see all of my box designs.

Cricut Design Space Star Box

Cricut Design Space Diamond Cutout Box

Cricut Design Space Doile Cutout Box

Cricut Design Space Arrow Cutout Box

Cricut Design Space Pillow Box

Those of you who have been following me for the past year may have noticed that my blog content has changed. Initially, I was posting about different things like photography, my Cricut projects, and my favorite places. After a while, I found that most people were interested in my Cricut projects so I decided to focus my blog on this hobby. Whether you have a Cricut or not, I hope you enjoy my posts! All of my projects are things that I use pretty frequently like greeting cards, boxes, and gift card holders. I hope that all of you find them useful as well! Have a happy new year, everyone!

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