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Cricut Design Space Striped Greeting Card Design

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Cricut Design Space Striped Greeting Card
Cricut Design Space Striped Greeting Card

In my latest project, I made this striped greeting card using Cricut Design Space. It's one of my favorite designs so far. It can be used as stationary or as a greeting card. I generally use these for birthday greetings and thank you cards but it can be used as stationary for pretty much anything. 2021 Update: I tweaked the design a tiny bit so the stripes don't overlap with the tuck cutout. I'm a bit perfectionist that way. I've also added a simple envelope design to this design! I made it so it fits exactly onto an 8x11 inch cardstock. I bought a stack of really nice envelope like paper from the store and just grab one whenever I need to make an envelope. It's super convenient! Here is a photo of the envelope and this card design with some different colors:

What is unique about this design is that it does not require much glue. I created slots where you tuck 2 cards stocks together to create this look. With minimal glue required, the time to put this together is super fast! So if you're on your way to a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, or any party, you can pull this together in almost no time at all. The only part you might want to put a little dab of glue is the tip of the triangle part. In order to tuck it closed, it helps to have the top layer glued so it doesn't pop up. Here is another picture with the card unfolded so you can see better where you can tuck the 2 paper stocks:

And another photo where the card, or stationary, is fully unfolded:

I picked a beautiful powder blue paper stock I had for it and combined it with a pink one because those colors tend to go well together. As usual, I used my textured paper card stock to get this look. As long as the paper that is placed on the inside is a light color, it will work because you will be able to see your writing clearly. If you use a darker card stock which I've done before, just use some glitter pens or something similar for a neat effect! To be clear, the part that is best to be light colored because you will be writing on it is this one:

- 2 Any light card stock

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When you click on my project link below, you will be taken to the Cricut page you see below. Simply click on the ‘Open’ button to get to my free project. Enjoy!

- Fold inwards on the scored side to make a clean fold.

- The narrower card stock with a bunch of cutouts goes on the outside. If you combine the 2 pieces and find that the folds are not matching (I've actually done this myself even though I made the design, lol) then you probably have it reversed. Switch the layers, the folds should match perfectly.

- Use a light color card stock for the inside of the card so it's easy to see the writing. You can use a dark color if you have pens or something to write with that will show up on dark paper.

- At the tip of the triangle, put just a small dab of glue to keep the 2 pieces together. If you use too much glue, you might see the paper warp a bit. The glue will make it look nicer when you tuck it closed and the top layer won't pop up.

If you like this design, you may like some of my other greeting card designs. You can go to my site menu and click on 'Cricut Designs' and then 'cards' if you want to see all of my card designs.

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