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Cricut Design Space Superbowl Popcorn Holder Design Template

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The Superbowl really snuck on me this year, I only just realized it was coming up 2 days ago! With the lunar new year and Valentine's Day within 2 days of each other this year, the Superbowl kind of got lost in the mix. Well, like with all events in the last year, we had to keep it a small and a family affair. Even though it's going to be small, I thought I would add a little fun and celebrate by making some designs. It's what keeps the joy in quarantine life in my opinion!

I haven't made a popcorn holder yet so that was my plan yesterday. I thought it would be a fun, quick, and easy project and it was. I decided to use my light card stock because it was what I had handy. Initially, I was worried it was not sturdy enough and that maybe the popcorn oil will seep through it but I tested it out and it worked perfectly!! We watched the Neverending Story yesterday so it was the perfect time to test it out (great movie for kids by the way). The light card stock held it's shape well and even with kids holding it and refilling multiple times, there were no greasy marks left on it. I took these pictures this morning and it looks like it's still in perfect condition!

This design requires a scoring tool that’s sold separately from the Cricut machine and a 2nd card stock for the backing part for the football. I used my hot glue gun to quickly put it together and I like how the gap caused by the glue made the football look a little 2-dimensional!

The design can be easily resized. I made it so it will fit in a 12x12 sheet but if you need to make it bigger or smaller, you can easily do that by selecting it and dragging the double sided arrow on the bottom right.

- 2 Light card stock (one for popcorn holder and the other for the football color).

- Glue (I used a hot glue gun).

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- Use textured light card stock for the look in my photo.

- It's easier to glue on the square backing for the football cutout first before you start folding the bag.

- Fold inwards on the scored side to make a clean fold.

- Quality of paper makes a big difference! If the inside of your card stock tears at the folds then it's not as high quality paper. I like the type paper that is textured, it gives it an elegant look.

- Using hot glue gun for the football backing makes a slight gap that makes it look 2-dimensional!

Valentine's Day is coming up soon, you may like some of these other projects. For all of my Valentine's Day projects, you can go to my site menu, click on 'Cricut Designs' and then 'Valentine's Day'. Clicking on a below image will take you to the project page.

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