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Cricut Design Space Valentine's Day Cake Topper Design Template

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I've had a cake topper on my list of things I wanted to design and I finally made one today for Valentine's Day! I thought it would really add to the festivities and I'm all about it adding joy during quarantine. I put it on top of a white chocolate cake I got from Safeway. It's made for a cake, but you could easily resize it to make it smaller for a cupcake or treat.

I used a foil card stock that I got from Cricut (you can see link to the exact card stock I used below). It was a little bit flimsy so I layered it with a light card stock and used rubber glue to put it together. Then I stuck on a toothpick at the bottom with hot glue. Ava go to do the honors and stick it into the cake, it looked sturdy and beautiful! The important thing to remember about this project is to place the colored side down and then select the 'mirror' option. This makes for a clean cut.

2 Light card stock.

- Rubber/craft glue and hot glue

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When you click on the below pink link, you may see the below screen, click open to go directly to my project if you're already signed in. There is no cost to using my design.

The below pink button will take you to the design for this project.

- Layer the design to get a sturdier product.

- Don't forget to put the red side down and select the 'mirror' option.

- Use hot glue to stick on the toothpick at the bottom for a secure attachment.

For all of my Valentine's Day projects, you can go to my site menu, click on 'Cricut Designs' and then 'Valentine's Day'. Clicking on a below image will take you to the project page.



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