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Cricut Design Space Valentine's Day Card

I haven't made a Valentine's Day card design for this year yet so I decided to make one! I really like how it came out. I put it in some flowers I had and it looked so pretty! I would be thrilled to receive flowers with a card like this not only on Valentine's Day but on any occasion.

When making the project, the outer layer (in the above photo, it's the darker grayish color) may seem very flimsy. But once you combine it with the inside layer (the pink layer in the above photo), the card will become very sturdy. The only part I used glue for is the front flap to keep the 2 layers together. There are cutouts that will also keep the layers together using some tucks. You can see a photo reference below on how it will look like opened up and where the tucks are. Please note the colors are different because I made different cards with different color combinations.

The below screenshot is the part of the design that needs to be light colored so your writing will be visible (it's the part with the heart cutouts). Sometimes I get mixed up myself so I thought I'd put this note here.

Placing it in flowers gives it a nice look but if you'd like, you can put it in an envelope too. I just recently made a simple basic envelope design that I included in the project so you can quickly access it to make it as well. Here is a photo of the what the envelope looks like (pictured with some of my other card designs). You can check out my other card designs by going to the site menu, clicking on 'Cricut Designs' and then 'cards'.

- 2 light card stock

When you click on my project link below, you will be taken to the Cricut page you see below. Simply click on the ‘Open’ button to get to my free project. Enjoy!

- Card stock quality is important. I love the look of textured paper.

- Fold inward on the scores to get a clean fold.

- Fold first and then lay out the layers straight and tuck while keeping the paper mostly straight is easiest.

- I used craft glue or rubber cement so the paper didn't wrinkle. You can use Elmer's glue too just try to use as minimal as possible so the paper doesn't warp.

Here are some other card designs you might like! Clicking on the below images will take you to the project page for that design. I also have Valentine's Day box designs if you want to check those out, go to 'Cricut Designs' in the main menu and then 'boxes'.


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