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Cricut Halloween Pumpkin Pillow Box

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Simple pillow box with pumpkin design.
CricutMaker Pumpkin Pillow Box

CricutMaker Halloween Pumpkin Pillow Box Material Requirements:

- Any Light Card Stock

- Orange card stock for the pumpkin backing.

- Scoring Tool (sold separately from the Cricut)

- Glue

Important: Once you click on the link below to use my design, enter your login if you're not already logged in. Afterwards, you might see a notification at the bottom of your screen. Click the green "CLOSE" button on the bottom right to see the "Make it" button! It's hidden behind the notification at the bottom of the screen. The cost is free so you should be able to make it immediately.

- Link to my Design:

I made a pumpkin version of my last pillow box and am sharing it today. This was fun and simple to make and it makes a great pair with the ghost one I made last week. Below is a picture of the ghost one I made. If you want to make that one too, here is the link to the Cricut Design Center for the ghost design:

Halloween candy box made by the Cricut machine.
Opened Ghost Pillow Box with Candy Inside


- Use light card stock. Medium would probably work, too.

- If you're like me and like texture paper, put the texture part down. This way you can crease inward. It looks like slightly better (for the perfectionists out there).

- Use hot glue gun for fast and easy assembly.

- I used Elmer's glue to glue the white backing for the ghost. I also taped the white backing for good measure.

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