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Cricut Flower Gift Box Design Template

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Valentine’s Day coming up has me looking back at pre-covid times when eating at restaurants was a normal thing. I really like places that put a lot of effort into their ambiance, like the lights and music. We usually do a dinner at a favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day every year but we will have to think of some new traditions to start this year. We haven’t brought out our candles in a while so I thought that could be something fun and different! Now I just need to come up with an idea for what to eat!

My most popular project ever was my Valentine’s Day box with heart details so I thought I will make another box this year. This time, I put an elegant flower on it. It can be used for other holidays or events like Mother’s Day, birthdays, or really just any time you need a box! This box requires a lot of folding so I recommend getting your scoring tool ready (it’s sold separately from the Cricut machine). Other than the scoring tool, all you need is your Cricut and some poster card stock and 12x12 light mat.

My original box from last year was 4x4 inches but this year I’ve resized it to be 5x5 inches to make it slightly larger so you’ll be able to fit larger items in it. It’s also 2 inches tall. It’s big enough to fit a wallet in case you’re wondering what you can put in it. I was able to resize it easily in Cricut Design Space – which does not always work for my boxes! So if you’d like to resize the box, all you have to do is select the lid, hold shift, then the bottom part of the box (holding shift allows you to select multiple objects). Then drag the double sided arrow on the bottom right hand corner to the size you want. See below screenshot for reference:

I usually put candy in my boxes but I can imagine you can fit some wallet sized gifts into it like ties, wallets, necklaces, earrings, gift cards, or cookies. All great Valentine’s Day gift ideas in my opinion. Personally, I would love to receive a box like this filled with chocolate covered gummy bears!! Yum!

- Glue (I used hot glue for this project).

*Affiliate links above. Please let me know in comments below if any of the link are broken and I will fix it.

Here is another close up photo of box:

- When placing your poster board on the mat, place the outside part down. For this project, I used a shiny foil cardstock so I put the shiny side down. This way, the scores will be on the inside and you can easily fold it afterwards. This will also cause the flower to be cut as if you mirrored the project. I didn’t realize that would happen but I liked how it came out anyways!

When you click on my link below to get to the project, you may see the following landing page, simply click on the 'open' button to get to the project. Enjoy!

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