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Easy Cricut Small Party Hat Design for Pets

This post is about making a small party hat that can be used for pets or babies or even beloved stuffies. I made it for my sister's new puppy (starring in the above photo). Isn't he cute? It fit him perfectly! The hat is about 4 inches tall and Teddy was about 13 lbs when he wore this hat so hopefully that'll give you a better idea for how big the hat is. I made this hat to celebrate Teddy joining the family but it would be great for his birthday or when he celebrates his human's birthday too!

To make this hat design, you need a Cricut machine and a scoring tool that is sold separately. Although if you hide the scoring part, you can make it without buying a scoring tool. You can just manually fold that part of the hat after you cut it. See below screenshot with the eye crossed out (I circled it in red) for the 'score' layer on the right side to see what I'm referring to.

My first party hat design was super simple so I decided to add some star cutouts this time and it turned out a little like a wizard hat! It could be used as a Halloween costume. The hat is 2 layers, the inside layer is slightly smaller than the outer layer. I made little cutouts so you can tuck the 2 layers together and only need to glue the cone shape into place. The top is a sparkly piece of ribbon if you want to add a little extra oomph to it but it's not required.

- Cutting machine

- Any Light Card Stock. Thicker card stock like medium or poster card stock might get dent when you bend it into the cone shape.

- Glue

- Elastic Cord (I use one like this:

- Ribbon for the top of the hat (optional).

- Any 2nd card stock for inner layer that will be the star color (optional)

* The above links are affiliate links. I get a small percentage of any purchases you make when you click through. I appreciate it if you decide to purchase anything through them, it helps keep my site running.

The below pink button will take you to Cricut's design space web site where you will immediately open the same project I use to create the hat design on my Cricut machine. You don't need to upload or download anything. You will first see the below page though. Click on the 'open' button to get to my project if you're already logged in.

Clicking on the below images will take you to the project.

Here are some of my favorite small box designs if you need a gift for the party you are making the hat for. I give gift cards frequently so that's what I put mostly in these. But I can imagine you can use them for a bracelet, necklace, keychain, or other small gifts! Clicking on an image below will take you to the project's page. You can also go to my site menu, click on 'Cricut Design's and click on 'boxes' if you want to see all of my box designs. I have some box designs that are bigger and hold wallet sized gifts too.

Cricut Design Space Star Box

Cricut Design Space Diamond Cutout Box

Cricut Design Space Doile Cutout Box

Cricut Design Space Arrow Cutout Box

Cricut Design Space Pillow Box

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