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Cricut Design Space Valentine's Day Box Design

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Cricut Design Space Valentine's Day Treat Box
Cricut Design Space Valentine's Day Treat Box

Valentine's Day always makes me think of warmth, spring, red, and pink. I still remember picking out Valentine's Day card kits when I was in elementary school and then writing all of my classmates names on them. It was fun to make a bag, decorate it, and then go around and drop a card in each bag! There was one year where my mom surprised me and my siblings with a clear mailbox with candy in it. It made quite the impression on me because of how much joy it brought me so I've started gifting my children something similar on Valentine's Day. This year, I used the Cricut design in the above photo! I put their favorite candies in it. I also include a note, my kids love getting notes and often give me them too! See the bottom of this post to some of my card designs that would go nicely with this box design.

This design is currently my most favorited design on Cricut Design Space! The box is pretty simple and I recommend using a heavier card stock like poster card stock - at least for the bottom part. You can use a light card stock for the lid. It's pretty fun to put together. This design also has a lot of folds so I recommend getting a scoring tool if you don't already have one (it's sold separately from the Cricut machine). The finished product is about 4x4 inches and 1/2 inches tall - plenty of room for some tasty treats! For tips, see below.

- 1 poster card stock for the bottom part of the box.

- 1 light card stock (or you can use poster card stock again) for the lid.

- Glue

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When you click on the below pink button, you may see the below screen, click open to go directly to my project if you're already signed in. There is no cost to using my design.

As I was putting this together, I found a few things that made the box look better and easier to put together.

- Use poster card stock to make a sturdier box.

- Using the same color for the bottom of the box and the heart cutouts gives it a nice matching design.

- It's easier to glue on the square backing for the heart cutouts first before you start folding the box.

- Fold inwards on the scored side to make a clean fold.

- Quality of paper makes a big difference! If the inside of your card stock tears at the folds then it's not as high quality paper. I like the type paper that is textured, it gives it an elegant look.

If you like this design, you may like these other card designs and boxes! Clicking on a below image will take you to the project's page. You can also go to my site menu, click on 'Cricut Designs' and then 'Valentine's Day' to find all of my Valentines' Day designs.

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